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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Deepak Chinchore questions MLA Bellad’s effort for separate corporation for Dharwad

Deepak Chinchore

Dharwad: Congress candidate from Hubballi-Dharwad (West), Deepak Chinchore, has criticized his opponent and MLA Arvind Bellad for his lack of efforts in supporting the demand for a separate corporation for Dharwad.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, Chinchore said that he expressed his support for the people who are fighting for a separate corporation for Dharwad when the agitation began and made it his first promise in his manifesto. However, Bellad accused him of making politically motivated statements, which Chinchore deemed unfortunate.

Chinchore claimed that Bellad was unable to accept the fact that the forum fighting for a separate Dharwad corporation had expressed support for him, and thus he (Bellad) made statements against him. He also stated that false news was being spread by his political opponents about the sewing machines he provided to women for their self-reliance. While some machines were donated by donors and organizations, political opponents are spreading false information about the quality of the machines. Chinchore likened politics to a game of chess, but criticized his opponent for trying to win using dishonest tactics.

Ravi Malger, an office bearer of the forum fighting for a separate corporation for Dharwad, also expressed his disappointment. He mentioned that they had submitted memorandums to all the MLAs, the Chief Minister, and the Union Minister, but did not receive any response. Malger questioned how the politicians who did nothing when they were in power could now promise to fulfill the demand within six months.

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