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DC gets a warm welcome

Dharwad: When Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil arrived at Vanhalli village in the morning as part of his Jilladhikarigal Nade Halli Kade (DC’s steps towards the village), the people greeted him with a traditional Poorna Kumbha welcome. In the village, he rode in a bullock cart.
Following the bullock cart ride, the DC planted a sapling on the grounds of the village’s government school to commemorate the occasion.


DC 1 3

DC 1 1

DC 1 2
DC Nitesh Patil is being welcomed by the villagers

DC 2

Earlier in the day, DC on route to Vanhalli village stopped at Kavalgeri village and during his visit, he listened to the plights of the villagers. Later he visited Chandanmatti village and Talavai village.


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