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June 2023

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Crowd Control Challenge: Police Resort to Mild Caning at Siddaramaiah’s Swearing-In Ceremony Chaotic Scenes at Siddaramaiah's Oath-Taking Ceremony as Police Struggle to Control Crowd

Crowd ControlPolice face difficult time to control the crowd gathered at the enterances of Kantirava Stadium in Bengaluru on Saturday

Bengaluru, May 20 (HS): The atmosphere in front of Kantirava Stadium entrance gate turned chaotic as Congress party workers and fervent supporters of Chief Minister designate Siddaramaiah and Deputy Chief Minister designate DK Shivakumar flocked to witness their oath-taking ceremony. However, the surge in the crowd proved overwhelming for the police, who faced immense difficulties in managing the situation.

Amidst the growing chaos, a rush was witnessed among party workers and supporters vying to enter the stadium. With the crowd spiraling out of control, the police had no choice but to resort to a mild canning approach to restore order. Unfortunately, during the rush, two individuals sustained injuries, and a traffic inspector named Ganesh Rao was also harmed. They were swiftly transported to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention.

The unexpected turn of events sheds light on the challenges faced by law enforcement in handling large gatherings, particularly in highly charged political settings.

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