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Creativity is meditation for this US graduate, architect, urban and interior designer, and recently turned artist.

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What began as a hobby to help nurture creativity into her child 15yrs ago, continues as a mentor to inspire all ages.

Archana holds exhibitions, classes for individuals, workshops, and shares her expertise in portfolio design for art, architecture, and design students pursuing studies abroad. She whole-heartedly imparts her creative abilities in art and craft.

Archana is an Urban Designer (MAUD, Washington University, St Louis, MO, 1997, Dean’s Scholarship) and an Architect (BArch, Sir J.J. School of Architecture, Mumbai, 1994, Jehangir Shroff Scholarship), daughter of the late Smt. Jaya Patil and IR Patil (Retired IOC executive).

Her eight years as a professional in the US include projects such as schools, colleges, libraries, and hospitals. Her most prominent lifetime work was- MIT Brain Cognitive Science Centre, Cambridge, MA, in collaboration with the firm GCA and architect, Charles Correa.

Key projects completed during ten years as a professional in residential and corporate India include Vaatsalya Health Care, Brain League, Nutrition Lab, and St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore.

Archana naturally drifted to art for solace, which turned therapeutic after her mother’s demise, and hasn’t looked back in five years.

Her mother’s death affected her deeply, and it was her art that assisted her in overcoming her grief. Painting, she claims, is a type of meditation. Stress can be relieved by simply drawing something.

If you’re concerned or worried, take a pencil and paper and start doodling randomly, Archana suggests. That should make you start to feel better in minutes. She claims that if you do it on a regular basis, it becomes a terrific stress-buster.

Art helps to relieve stress, if you are worried, take a pencil and paper and start doodling randomly it will relieve your stress. If you do it regularly it becomes a terrific stress-buster.

Archana Patil, Architect, Artist

In fact, she is rather vocal about it. Stop creating and you will stop evolving. Art is a means of self-discovery and everyone can benefit from creativity. Drawing and painting can be learned by anyone at any age! Art encompasses everything: dedication, freedom, a pause in eternity, expression, a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, mind-detoxification, and soul-meditation.

As many as 13 of her artworks were chosen for the ChitraKala Parishad’s first-ever and biggest online display of the 18th annual Chitra Santhe, January 5, 2021, along with 1500 artists across 25 nations and 19 Indian states. Her father had been her biggest supporter. She said many appreciated her art in mixed media on canvas, and it motivates her to create more.

She stated that every artist yearns for recognition and that excellence and unique talent must be promoted wholeheartedly!

Some of her works

Archana’s prominent work MIT Brain Cognitive Science Centre, Cambridge

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