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Cops prevent Congressmen from presenting red roses to BJP leaders.

Hubballi: On Saturday evening, Congress party workers attempted to hand out red roses to BJP leaders who were meeting at Sri Krishan Kalyana Mantap in Deshpande Nagar to discuss launching a protest against the Congress party for disrupting the Assembly session. And Congress leaders, led by Vidyanagar Block Congress president Rajat Ullagaddimaath, decided to offer them roses in exchange for abandoning their plans to organise a statewide protest.

The strategy of the Congress leaders was that it had never happened in the history of a ruling government to hold a demonstration against the opposition, and he and the other Congress leaders sought to convince the BJP leaders to abandon the unusual concept. They intended to persuade them that the ruling party’s protest against the opposition would be futile and that they should abandon the idea.

Meanwhile, police requested them to leave because they were distributed roses symbolically, but Congress workers insisted on giving the roses to Union Minister Pralhad Joshi, former Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar, and other leaders, which the police denied.

When the Congressmen attempted to march to the conference place, the police stopped them and took them away in police vehicles.

Mohammed Sharif Gargad, Prakash Kyrakatti for Mayor, HDMC members Arif Bhadrapur, Sandil Kumar, Mahila Congress President Deepa Gouri, Vadiraj Kulkarni, Prakash Mayakar, Akkamma Kambli, Jyothi Walikar, Kiran Gandal, Gopal Yennichuvadi, Abhishek Singe, Laxman Gaddi, and others were detained.

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