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May 2023

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Contaminated Water Allegedly Claims a Boy’s Life and Leaves Many Sick in Raichur

Contaminated water

Raichur district witnessed a distressing incident in Rekalmaradi village, Devadurga taluk, where more than 20 individuals fell ill and a young boy allegedly lost his life after reportedly consuming contaminated water. The victims suffered from the ill effects of drinking the polluted water, and despite efforts at the Government Hospital in Sirwar, five-year-old Hanumesh could not be saved.

According to the Raichur District Health Officer (DHO), approximately 21 people became sick after consuming the contaminated water, which was caused by a broken water supply pipe. Earlier, on Thursday, 15 individuals fell ill, with 10 receiving treatment from a team of doctors in the village, while five were transferred to RIMS Raichur for further care.

However, the DHO stated that they currently lack information regarding the alleged death of the boy due to contaminated water. He emphasized that it is too early to draw conclusions and that they are actively gathering information to ascertain the truth. A detailed statement regarding the incident and the boy’s demise will be provided at a later time.

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