Congress workers celebrate Deepavali in a unique way

Congress leaders and corporators light lamps around potholed city streets to protest poor city infrastructure.

Hubballi: The Congress party workers and residents of Hubballi used the Deepavali occasion to highlight the poor infrastructure of the city. The Congress workers celebrated the festival of lights in a unique way on Tuesday evening by lighting Diyas surrounding road potholes filled with underground drainage water near Basava Vana in the city.

The Congress workers, led by Vidyanagar block Congress president Rajat Ullagaddimath, burst the crackers by placing them in the potholes raising slogans against the government.

They hold placards demanding better roads, UGD system, and street lights during their celebration/agitation. Addressing the residents and party workers and leaders, Rajat Ullagaddimath said that the city’s infrastructure is deteriorating with each passing day and the local MLA has failed to provide the basic infrastructure to the residents. In Hubballi, almost all roads are either in poor condition or the roads go dark after sunset or the drainage water flows over them. “It is high time for the people of Hubballi to think whether they need the same MLA who failed to provide basic infrastructure to them in the last 30 years,” he said.

Karnataka is the state where the residents pay the highest road tax. Despite this, the residents are forced to commute on badly maintained roads. Rajat charged that this shows that the government is unconcerned about providing good roads.

Former mayor Prakash Kyarkatti, HDMC Corporators Iqbal Navalur, Arif Bhadrapur, Suvarna Kallakuntla, Senthil Kumar, Prakash Kurhatti, Congress leaders Peeraji Khandekar, Sunil Matpathi, Ashok Kaladagi, Sadiq Ekkundi, Savitri Malagi, and others were present.

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