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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Congress Takes to the Streets: Leaders Cook on the Road to Protest LPG Price Hike

LPG is on fireCooking Up a Storm: Congress Leaders Protest Against Hike in the Price of Cooking Gas in Hubballi

Hubballi: On Thursday evening, Congress leaders, workers, and women activists organized a unique protest in Hubballi by cooking food on a firewood stove in the middle of the road.

The protest was in response to yesterday’s hike in the price of LPG cylinders by the Union Government. The group, led by Vidyanagar Block Women Congress wing president  Balamma Janganavar and Vidyanagar Block Congress president Rajat Ullagaddimath, prepared the food while shouting slogans against the government.

The union government has increased the price of LPG cylinders by Rs 50 and commercial cylinders by Rs 350, and the revised prices took effect yesterday (Wednesday).

Ullagaddimath criticized the Prime Minister and the government, accusing them of making life difficult for the common man by increasing the price of essential items like cooking gas.

He demanded that the government withdraw the price hike, warning that people are waiting for an opportunity to teach the government a lesson in the upcoming assembly elections. Ullagaddimath also urged people to vote for the Congress party, as he believes it is the only option to mitigate the issues faced by the public. Several other Congress leaders and activists attended the protest.

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