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June 2023

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Congress promises reintroduction of old pension scheme in Karnataka election manifesto


On Tuesday, the Congress party unveiled its manifesto in Bengaluru, outlining its promises ahead of the upcoming assembly election in Karnataka. The Congress has pledged to deliver on all the guarantees listed in their manifesto if they come to power. The election is scheduled for May 10th, with results set to be announced on May 13th.

The Congress manifesto, entitled “Sarva Janangada Shantiya Tota,” was developed under the leadership of Congress leader Dr G Parameshwar. It includes five key guarantees:

Gruha Jyoti, which offers 200 units of free electricity to every household

Anna Bhagya, which provides 10 kg of rice per month to BPL families

Yuva Nidhi, which offers Rs 3,000 and 1,500 per month to unemployed graduates and diploma holders

Free travel for women on government buses

The reintroduction of the old pension scheme (OPS)

Establishment of Cyber Crime Police stations at all the districts

The manifesto also promises to put pressure on the central government to establish AIIMS in Raichur and IIT in Bidar

In addition to these guarantees, the Congress has pledged to fill all government vacancies within one year, and offer a special allowance of Rs 5,000 per month to police officers on night duty.

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