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May 2023

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Congress Party Vows to Deliver on Election Promises within Hours Today, Rahul Gandhi Declares Rahul Gandhi Promises Swift Fulfillment of Five Key Promises

Rahul Gandhi

Bengaluru: Former AICC chief Rahul Gandhi assured the public that the Congress party would swiftly fulfill all the crucial promises made during the election campaign. He made this commitment during a speech following the oath-taking ceremony of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and his cabinet at Kantirava Stadium.

Expressing gratitude to the voters for entrusting the Congress party with power, Rahul Gandhi emphasized the government’s dedication to the state’s development and the welfare of its people. He acknowledged the public’s rejection of the allegedly corrupt BJP government and expressed deep gratitude for the significant victory achieved.

Rahul Gandhi reaffirmed the party’s commitment to uphold their promises and stated that the government would swiftly take action to deliver on its assurances. He assured the public that the first cabinet meeting, scheduled for later today, would mark the beginning of the fulfillment of these promises.

Echoing Rahul Gandhi’s sentiments, AICC chief Mallikarjun Kharge reiterated the party’s determination to honor the commitments made to the electorate. The Congress party stands resolute in its pursuit of progress and welfare for the state.

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