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June 2023

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Congress likely to unveil candidates for Dharwad’s four key constituencies today

SurjewalaCongress party incharge for Karnataka- Randeep Surjewala

The Congress party is likely to release its second list of candidates today, with expectations high for the announcement of contenders for 40 assembly constituencies. According to reliable sources, the list is likely to include the names of candidates for four constituencies in the Dharwad district.

As per the sources, the much-anticipated list is expected to feature Vinay Kulkarni as the potential candidate for the Dharwad Rural constituency, Santosh Lad for Kalaghatagi, Kusumavati Shivalli for Kundagol, and NH Konaraddi for Navalgund.

However, the party leadership remains undecided on the candidates for the remaining two seats, namely Hubballi Central and Hubballi Dharwad West. The third list, which may be released after April 10, is expected to clarify the matter, the source told.

The party leadership is in a fix over the selection of a candidate for the West constituency, as the list of potential contenders is extensive. Furthermore, the recent entry of Mohan Limbikai to the party has further complicated matters. Nonetheless, the Congress party is expected to make an announcement around 11 am this morning, putting an end to the suspense surrounding the candidacy for these crucial constituencies.

Congress releases its first list of candidates

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