Congress leader Anilkumar Patil’s efforts to save a life went in vain


Hubballi: Congress leader Anil Kumar Patil on Friday made his best efforts to save an accident victim, and he himself brought the victim to the hospital in his car, but the patient succumbed to his injuries just two hours after the treatment started.

Anil Kumar Patil said that he was on the same route. He was going to Dharwad to attend a marriage, and when he approached the Hubballi-Dharwad Bypass around 12.30 pm, there was a huge traffic jam. “I came to know about the accident, and I immediately asked my driver to go ahead, dodging all the vehicles. I tried to contact the police but was unsuccessful. The patient was badly bleeding and, sensing that the arrival of an ambulance may take time, we shifted the injured in my car and straightaway went to KIMS. “It took me hardly 10 minutes to reach KIMS,” said Patil.

“The patient’s condition was bad, and I immediately dialled KIMS Director Dr Ramalingappa and Superintendent Dr Arunkumar to keep doctors ready as I was bringing a badly injured patient and asked them to keep blood also ready, but when I reached KIMS, it was a sorry state of affairs. No one was there to shift the patient inside the hospital, and they had not arranged the blood immediately, otherwise, the patient would have been alive,” he said.

Patil said that the youth, Anand Madar, was from Chalmatti village. He was going to a bank on his bike with his sister and a little kid. Luckily, both the lady and the kid did not suffer major injuries. Patil also said that the victim was married just two months ago.

He said people normally show hesitancy when it comes to helping accident victims, fearing that helping may land them in some sort of trouble or will frequently summon them for inquiries. He said he has saved more than 25 victims so far, and in all cases, victims were saved except this one.

KIMS Director Dr Ramalingappa replied to the allegation. He said the patient was badly injured, the doctors there gave their best and immediate treatment, the patient was gasping when he was admitted, and he was given the best possible treatment without any delay.

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