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Commissioner Ram restores the city’s peace within hours: How did the top cop and his team prevent violence from spreading.?

Hubballi: Most people know that Police Commissioner Labhu Ram is an honest, upright, and workaholic officer, and after a long gap, the twin cities got an efficient officer.

On Saturday night, Hubballi witnessed an unpleasant incident. A protest by a community members turned violent, and its intensity was so high that the police were forced to use force to disperse the mob that had gone out of control.

Ram, a 2004 IPS officer, is being hailed for his efforts in effectively controlling the mob and dispersing them, and he is being praised that his team managed to restrict the violence to that area where it broke out. People were anxious and in fear that Saturday night’s violence may spread to other areas as well, and they were anxious that violence may break out at any time once again, but the Hubballi-Dharwad police team did not allow that to happen.

It was Ram, and his team who successfully prevented a violent mob from entering the police station compound, and his team used all the possible force that they could muster to disperse the violent mob and bring the situation under control. Most people do not know that it was the pure policing skills of the top cop, his presence of mind, and his efficiency that restored the peace and tranquility of the city within a few hours of the violence.

The Police Commissioner, who is very agile when it comes to handling law and order situations, did not take a single-minute break after successfully dispersing the mob. He and his team of DCPs and inspectors went on patrol. Each team was headed by an inspector, DCP, and the Commissioner himself did the extensive patrolling till Sunday morning.

After the violence, each and every police officer attached to the police commissionerate was used very effectively to prevent the possible untoward incident. The Commissioner summoned additional forces on that night itself. He even passed an order clamping prohibitory orders on that night.

He formed eight teams for eight cases registered in connection with the violence. The teams immediately started their work, and by Sunday night, the police arrested 85 people based on all the available evidence.

The police conducted a route march in the sensitive areas on Sunday evening and filled the residences with confidence and sent a message to anti-social elements. The police were so active that they did not allow people who woke up on Sunday morning to feel that the city had witnessed violent incidents on Saturday night. It was absolutely calm and peaceful everywhere on Sunday.

Though the city is calm now, the police commissioner is in no mood to relax. When Hubli Express met him in his office, Ram was signing files and doing his routine office work.

He quickly restored the peace and tranquility of the city, as if nothing had happened. Of course, a few policemen were injured in Saturday night’s violence, and a few police vehicles were damaged, but the police managed the situation very well.

Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy praised Ram and his officers for their efforts in handling the situation, while many other state leaders are not tired of praising the top cop of the twin cities.

Hubli Express spoke to the police commissioner about how he managed to restore the peace of the city within hours. He said it was the effort of all the police personnel and it was the police duty to maintain law and order and we did our duty and it is nothing more than that, he said.

Video: Police take out route march in Hubballi

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