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Colder than normal winters: What’s expected and how to protect oneself

The winter is here. For the last few days, the north Karnataka region including the twin cities has been waking up to chilly mornings. Dr. RH Patil, the head of the Department of Agricultural Meteorology, has stated that the cold climate will continue for the next few days because the monsoon extended this year, and the winter will remain colder than normal, at least for the next few days.

He suggested a few tips to protect oneself from the cold weather.

The impact expected:  There is an increased risk of various illnesses such as the flu, running/stuffed noses, or nosebleeds, which usually develop or worsen as a result of prolonged exposure to cold. Do not ignore shivering. It is the first sign that the body is losing heat. Get indoors and stay indoors after work or school. Chances of frostbite due to prolonged exposure to cold are unlikely. Hence, at the kind of mercury level, we are experiencing between 12 and 18 degrees at night, skin turning pale, hard, and numb is not possible.

Action suggested: Moisturize skin regularly with oil or cream. Eat vitamin-C-rich fruits and vegetables and drink sufficient fluids, preferably warm fluids, to maintain adequate immunity. Avoid or limit outdoor activities. Keep dry. If you get wet, change your clothes immediately to prevent loss of body heat. Wear insulated or waterproof shoes. Warm the affected area of the body slowly with lukewarm water; do not rub the skin vigorously. Maintain ventilation while using heaters at night to avoid inhaling toxic fumes. Take safety measures while using electrical and gas heating devices in the bedroom. Complete body clothing, including socks to keep feet warm, is a must for the elderly, small kids, and toddlers.

Author: Dr. R. H. Patil is the Head, Dept. of Agricultural Meteorology Nodal Officer, GKMS and FASAL Projects.
College of Agriculture, Dharwad, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad.


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