CM Bommai announce 100 acres land for startups between Hubballi-Dharwad


Hubballi: The FMCG, which is being established in the twin cities of Hubballi and Dharwad at a cost of Rs 1200 crore, will have all the facilities for industrial development after Bengaluru and provide employment for lakhs of people. This is going to be a model in entire South India, said Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking after inaugurating the FMCG Cluster Hubballi Investors meet organized jointly by the Department of Industries and Commerce, District Administration, and FICCI here on Friday, he said the economy means labor and there will be no poverty where there is labor. The area will see development if there are industries to provide jobs. A nation will grow if the economy and social values grow. The state government is taking all the steps for the all-around development of Karnataka.

Four Special Investors Area in State

He said a draft of a Special Investors Region (SIR) for setting up four places in the state, including Dharwad, is ready and it will be approved in the next Cabinet meeting. The state has been in the forefront in many sectors, and of the total 500 R&D labs, 400 are in Karnataka. The revision of the R&D policy is underway. The employment policy has been implemented, keeping the youths in view. Changes will be made in all fields from time to time.

100 acres for startups between twin cities

Bommai said for the sake of startups, one hundred acres of land between Hubballi and Dharwad cities will be identified. For the first time in the country, employment, semiconductor, and R&D policies have been framed by Karnataka, and all these will help in improving the living standards of ordinary people.

“If FMCG proves successful, it will help in the development of not only this region but also contribute to the nation’s progress. Even the service sector has been given due importance by keeping in mind the growth of the agriculture field. An increase in providing services helps in creating jobs. “

“In a democracy, political will is very important as it will alone help in continuous development. Along with education, employment opportunities must be available in the North Karnataka region. Industries that will provide more jobs are the need of the hour. But at the same time, skill development is a must for youths. A conducive atmosphere for job creation must be created. Such efforts in the last two to three decades have yielded results. Our government has taken several measures in this regard. One thousand acres of land are identified in Belagavi, Dharwad, Haveri, Davangere, and Chitradurga for the setting up of the Special Industrial Township in each district as part of the Mumbai-Chennai Corridor Development. Land has been identified in Chitradurga, Haveri, Belagavi, and Dharwad,” he said.

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