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June 2023

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City Crime Branch Seizes Illegally Stored PDS Rice in Hubballi

PDS riceRice bags seized by the CCB police

Hubballi: On Friday, the City Crime Branch (CCB) police in Hubballi seized illegally stored rice that was intended for distribution under the public distribution system (PDS).

The rice was discovered in a warehouse located in the APMC yard in Hubballi. The police confiscated 450 sacks of rice, each weighing 50 kg, along with four vehicles and Rs 5 lakh in cash.

According to the police, Shanmukh Betageri had allegedly stored the PDS rice, which was meant for free distribution to the public. Betageri had reportedly purchased the rice from beneficiaries by paying them Rs 10-15 per kg and sold it to an individual named Manjunath Harlapur. Harlapur had intended to sell the rice in Maharashtra for Rs 35 to Rs 40 per kg, and the rice was stored in the warehouse with that purpose in mind. The police conducted the raid on a definite tip-off and arrested five suspects in connection with this case, and the APMC/Navanagar police have registered a case regarding the incident.

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