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Children aged 15–18 yrs to receive COVID vaccine from Jan 3. What Hubballi-Dharwad pediatricians say?

Many questions have started to bother parents in anticipation after the union government announced the COVID vaccine for the age group of 15 to 18 years. The vaccination drive for this age group will begin from January 3, and HubliExpress spoke to a few pediatricians in this regard and tried to gather the views of the experts.

Dharwad’s well-known pediatrician, Dr. Jagadish Niradi, has said children with special needs should consult their pediatrician before receiving their COVID jab.

He said there are no contraindications or side effects seen, only to allay the parents’ apprehension these kids should consult their pediatricians,

Questions such as which vaccine will be administered, whether it differs from the one administered to parents, where it will be administered, whether in camps, hospitals, or schools, and so on. Dr. Niradi said that children should be inoculated with the vaccine, to stop transmission to others in the family as they might be silent carriers of the virus.

Dr. Shilpa C, a pediatrician from Hubballi, said that when there is no cure for the disease, it is better to be vaccinated. She said that though the world is witnessing breakthrough infections despite people being immunized with two or three doses, the vaccine may not give complete protection from the virus, but it reduces the severity of the infection if people receive the vaccine.

Children might be given Covaxin and the gap between two doses was likely to be 28 days. She stated that the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, where she practices, treated many children admitted with the multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), implying that many children were infected with the virus and remained asymptomatic but later developed complications such as MIS-C. To avoid all of this, she recommends that children get vaccinated.

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