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June 2023

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Cheers and Jubilation as Congress Declares Siddaramaiah as Chief Minister of Karnataka

CelebrationSupporters of Siddaramaiah celebrating outside the residence of Siddaramaiah in Bengaluru on Thursday

Bengaluru, May 18 (Hubli Express News) – A wave of jubilation swept across the streets of Bengaluru as news broke of senior Congress leaders announcing Siddaramaiah as the new Chief Minister of Karnataka. Excitement reached its peak outside Siddaramaiah’s residence, where a throng of ecstatic fans and ardent supporters had gathered to express their joy.

The atmosphere crackled with enthusiasm as crackers illuminated the sky, spreading a riot of colors and adding to the fervor of the celebration. The air was filled with chants and slogans, with enthusiastic voices hailing the leadership of Siddaramaiah, the newly appointed Chief Minister.

Amidst the revelry, sweets were distributed among the exultant crowd, symbolizing the sweetness of victory and the anticipation of a promising future under Siddaramaiah’s leadership. The supporters, filled with hope and optimism, exchanged greetings and shared their excitement for the new era that awaited Karnataka.

Adding to the anticipation, both Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar, the Deputy Chief Minister designate, were expected to arrive in Bengaluru this afternoon on a special flight.

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