Change Venue for Draupadi Murmu Civic Honour: PH Niralakeri

Hubballi: Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee media panellist PH Niralakeri, Ground Bachao Samit’s CBL Hegde, and others have urged the authorities to change the location of President Draupadi Murmu’s programme. The president will receive civic honours from the Hubballi Dharwad Municipal Corporation on September 26 at the Karnataka Gymkhana Association ground on behalf of the citizens of Hubballi Dharwad.

Speaking to reporters, Niralakeri, CBL Hegde, and others urged that the President’s programme be held elsewhere in Hubballi rather than on the controversial ground.

He welcomed the HDMC’s programme and said he was pleased that they would be honouring India’s first citizen, but the ground issue is in court and has controversies, and programmes honouring the President should not be held in such a controversial venue, he said.

Niralkeri stated that he would write to the President’s secretary (protocol) about the reality on the ground. He questioned why the programme is being held in such a controversial location when there were other options in the city, and the BJP was obligated to respond.

Former MP IG Sanadi, Amrut Ijari, Prof. NS Nadiger, Veeupakshappa Kongwad, and others were present.

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