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Caste politics: Congress trying to take political mileage, says CM Bommai

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Bengaluru: Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai accused the Congress Party of trying to take political mileage out of caste politics.

Talking to reporters here on Saturday, he said the party will take suitable action against those who talk against the government and party. There is a big responsibility on them as they have to see all the communities equally and do justice to all.

“I have not given any deadline and it is they who have set it. We have taken a decision within one week after the Backward Classes Commission gave its interim report. Kashappanavar was the chairman and legislator. Why Kashappanar’s father who was in the Congress Party did not do it? In 2016, the Congress Party was in power and Siddaramaiah was the chief minister. The Kantharaj Commission had rejected their applications. There is an order that they must be in 3B and 2A will not be given. The Congress Party was in power from 2016 to 18 and those who did not ask questions at that time are now asking. Do they have any moral rights? The Congress Party is trying to take advantage of the current situation. The seer must question those who are on their side and what they have done when in power. It is not correct to vitiate the atmosphere”, the CM said.

Personal attack is not Karnataka’s political culture

Bommai said his government is doing everything with commitment. The Sadashiva Commission has not been implemented in the last ten years and the Kantharaj Commission has not seen the light of day. The interim report of the Backward Classes Commission was tabled before the Cabinet within a week and agreed to it. Those who are demanding must observe that it is the BJP government that has decided to include them in the 2A category.

This shows the commitment of the present government. The Commission has promised to give a final report after collecting the statistics and the government has requested them to give it at the earliest. Personal issues are shared with everyone. In politics, everyone has come here only after getting elected by the people. The voters know everything. They need to think it is correct to discuss personal things before the public. This is not the political culture of Karnataka. Issue-based differences must be there but individual accusations are not good. Talks of such nature will show their culture.

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