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June 2023

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Byadgi Becomes Hub of Growth as Mane Kancor Launches State-of-the-Art Facility

Mane KancorJean Mane, President, Mane Group addressing media in Hubballi on Saturday

Mane Kancor expands by launching its new manufacturing facility at Byadgi in Karnataka

Hubballi: The new facility generates 50% more direct employment and creates indirect opportunities for more than 10,000 people including farmers

Mane Kancor, a pioneer in the field of global spice extraction and manufacturing of natural ingredients, launches its new manufacturing facility in around 50 acres of land at Byadgi in Karnataka as part of its major expansion program.

The new facility in Byadgi, the main growing belt for high colour varieties of chilli, will fall under the Make-In-India programme of the government of India. The continuous extraction facility and the modern technologies incorporated here will ensure best process efficiencies and it will raise the production capacity of the company four fold. Additionally, the facility contains a super-critical fluid extraction plant that uses carbon dioxide as an extraction medium. This is much more greener process and the process is organic compliant.

“Our vision is to consolidate the bulk production in a single location to simplify processes and ensure efficient management. We are all the more glad about the launch as it will raise the production capacity of the company four fold and a 50 percent rise in direct employment. Also, we will be generating opportunities for more than 10,000 people including farmers across three states – Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Interestingly, the new plant occupies just one-third of the land in Byadgi. Hence, our scope for expansion is higher,” said Jean Mane, President, Mane Group.

The expansion of existing Byadgi unit by setting up a total new green field project is as per the expansion plans announced during the Golden Jubilee celebration of Mane Kancor in 2019. Mane, the parent company has invested more than 200 crores in this project as Foreign Direct Investment.  Mane is the world’s fifth largest flavour and fragrance house based out of France. The facility in Byadgi is now the largest manufacturing site of Mane Kancor in India.

“Mane Kancor was the first company to set up a spice extraction unit in India in 1969-70.  Today, We have the new infrastructure covering 150,000 square feet on  around 50 acres of land, in Byadgi.  The new plant that supports both the development of our scientific manufacturing technique and the addition of cutting-edge technologies to our business continuity strategy, stretches our manufacturing potential. Our business focus on segments like natural colours, natural antioxidants, personal care ingredients and so on will be enhanced with the new addition,” said Geemon Korah, Executive Director and CEO of Mane Kancor at the launch event.

The completely eco-friendly site is envisioned based on the company’s strategy of putting manufacturing facility closer to the growing regions. Apart from chilli, the facility at Byadgi, is also capable to handle the processing of wide varieties of raw materials like rosemary and other spices. The company’s options to raise through put volumes and roll out innovative products are expanded by the enhanced bandwidth. Another speciality of the facility is zero waste management system. The entire biomass generated during production is converted to the fuel used in the boilers and the gas generated from the effluent treatment is used in the industry canteen. The water from effluent treatment is used for irrigation purpose.

Mane Kancor Ingredients Private Limited, formerly known as Kancor Ingredients Limited, was founded in 1969, but its roots in the spice trade date back to 1857 in Kochi, the world’s spice capital. Forerunners in the field of Spice Extracts, the company is part of France-based Mane Group, one of the largest flavour and fragrance companies in the world.

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