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June 2023

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Broken Promise: Free Bus Ride for Women Derailed by CM Siddaramaiah We will raise our voice against the Congress in the Assembly for giving flimsy reasons 

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Bengaluru, May.20: The new Congress Government has failed the expectations of the people, said former chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

He told reporters here on Saturday that the citizens had high hopes on the outcome of the first cabinet of the Congress government. The women were ready to board the buses tomorrow for the free ride. But Chief Minister Siddaramaiah disappointed everyone. Only the announcements were made but no dates announced for the implementation of the guarantee schemes. They have said it would b discussed in the next cabinet meeting. That means the decision was only to disappoint the people. Five guarantee schemes would cost Rs 50000 crores. The new CM has no prior thinking on arranging the resources for the fulfillment of the guarantee schemes.

Bommai said Deputy Chief Minister D.K.Shivakumar has said not everyone would be given the guarantee schemes but the latter must not forget the fact that everyone including those inside houses and outside votes for the Congress Party. This shows how much respect they were giving to the voters.

Congress party is showing its colours now 

The Congress Party is slowly changing its colours. If mind, the Congress can start paying Rs 2000 from tomorrow as the government has the details of the BPL card holders in the State. But the Congress government is giving flimsy reasons for not giving 200 units of power to the citizens. The Congress leaders were saying that the allowance would be given only for the passed out degree students this year. This shows that the government has no clear intention of helping the unemployed youths who are in difficulty.

Answer on 3 Lakh Crore Loan Given in the Assembly

The former CM said that the previous BJP government already borrowed Rs 3 lakh crore loan and this reply had been given in the Assembly. The borrowing of the every state jumped due to the Covid pandemic. Siddaramaiah still talks as the Opposition leader. Now he has a lot of responsibility. All these are only the announced guarantee schemes and let them wait  till the next Cabinet meeting to see what they would decide on the next cabinet meeting.

CM Siddu Presented Half Baked Truth

He said Karnataka stands second in the Country in GST collection. The Government of India is giving grants for the suburban, metro and railway. The CM has given just half the information and concealed another half information. “I am ready to give a full information in the Assembly. We have started raising our voice ,” he said.

The budget of the previous BJP government has details of the efforts made to increase revenue. Is Rs 50000 crore a small amount required to fulfill the guarantee schemes. They had to pay interest for the loans borrowed by the Siddaramaiah government for ten years and now time has come to pay the principle amount. The incumbent government has powers to make reallocation of funds in the budget. Let them do it but they would definitely put condia.for all five guarantees for their implementation. The people would decide and they would act as the voice of people

BJP LP meeting

Bommai said a meeting of district leaders would be held tomorrow and it is followed by the BJP Legislature Party. “I haven’t thought about the Leader of the Opposition post in the Legislative Assembly,” he said.

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