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June 2023

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British Tourist Dies After Being Served 22 Shots in Polish Nightclub

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Tragedy struck in Poland when a British tourist died after being served 22 shots in just 90 minutes, leading to a crackdown on organized crime groups operating in the country’s nightclubs.

The victim is Mark C, was on a night out in Krakow with a friend when they visited a club called Wild Nights. Despite already being intoxicated when he arrived, Mark was still plied with alcohol by the establishment’s staff.

Mark repeatedly refused the shots that were offered to him, but was ultimately given 22 of them before collapsing and later dying. An investigation found that Mark’s blood alcohol content was at least 0.4%, which is considered lethal. To make matters worse, the victim was robbed of over £400 while he was unconscious.

This incident has shone a light on the criminal activity taking place in some of Poland’s nightclubs. The Polish Central Police Investigation Bureau (CBSP) has charged 58 people with being part of an organized crime group following a series of raids on clubs across the country. The clubs were reportedly running a racket in which customers were deliberately made drunk before having their money stolen.

The CBSP released a video showing suspects being arrested and a variety of items being seized, including electronic devices, computers, cash, and phones. Among those taken into custody were the group responsible for forcing Mark to drink himself to death. The investigation is still ongoing and includes clubs in both Krakow and the capital of Warsaw.

This tragic incident serves as a warning to tourists to be cautious when visiting nightclubs in Poland and to be aware of the potential dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. It also highlights the importance of cracking down on organized crime groups who prey on unsuspecting customers in the country’s nightlife scene.

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