Bribe to journalists: Scotch bottle, gold coin, wristwatch, what else the “Sweet box” contained?

Congress party released photo of a gift box that was allegedly delivered by the Minister Dr Sudhakar to the journalists

*CM Bommai says he did not give instructions to anyone 

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has clarified that he did not give instructions to anyone to deliver gift boxes to the journalists. Congress is spreading lies on this issue. Someone has approached Lokayukta, let a probe begin into this incident, he said.

Speaking to reporters near his residence in Bengaluru, the CM lashed out at the Congress, saying that the Congress party has no morality to speak on this issue. We know what Congress has given when they were in power. They gifted i-phones, laptops, and gold coins. They dont have the morality to speak on this issue, “he said.

The CM also raised strong objections over the Congress party’s tweet, saying it was in very bad taste, he said that Congress had tried to woo MPs by gifting costly iPhones as gift and they might have forgotten that.

“The big wrongdoing of the government has come out from the honest journalists who remark, ‘We don’t need a bribe box from the government, our lunch box is enough,” said a tweet from the Karnataka Congress’ official Twitter handle. What else is in this package except the scotch, watch, and gold coin? Because of corruption, the BJP has come to think that “money can buy everything.”

 Inspector Nandishs death

A comprehensive investigation into Inspector Nandishs death will be launched, Bommai said, and added that he had given instructions to the DG/IGP in this regard.

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