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June 2023

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Breaking News: Karnataka Election 2023 Date Announced, Full Details Revealed

Karnataka Election

Karnataka Election 2023 Date Announced, Here is the Complete Details

Karnataka will vote on May 10 to elect its next government, the Election Commission of India (ECI) said on Wednesday, as it announced the schedule for the upcoming assembly elections for the state.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar said, the elections will be conducted in one  phase on May 10 and results will be announced on May 13.

Model Code of Conduct Starts from 29 March 2023 (Today)

Nomination begins– 13 April

Last Date for Filing Nomination—20 Apr

Scrutiny of the nomination- 21 April

Last Date for Withdrawal of Nomination-24 April

  • The term of this assembly will end on May 24,2023
  • Voters in the state—5.21 crore
  • Male Voters—2.62 crore
  • Female Voters–2.59 crore
  • Others—4,699
  • Specially abeld voters—5,55,073
  • Poll booths in urban areas: 20,866
  • 240 model poll stations will be established
  • 224 booths will be managed by youths
  • 100 booths will be managed by specially abled
  • 400 plus environment friendly booths
  • 40 ethnic booths for tribal people will be established
  • For 883 people
  • Total poll booths: 58,282
  • Sensitive booths-12,000
  • Check post to prevent election related activities- 10,071
  • Teams formed to prevent illegal activities-2,400
  • Facility to vote from home for those aged more than 80 years

For this the senior citizens have to register in advance, and the electoral officers will come to their doors

Voting allowed to those who turn 18 years as on April 1

In 2018—- 72 % voting was done

Of the 20 constituencies where less polling was witnessed, nine urban constituencies it includes, in which five are from Bengaluru urban constituencies.


In 2018 assembly election, the BJP won the highest number of seats (104 out of 224) but fell short of a majority. The Congress won 80 seats, and the JD(S) won 37 seats. However, after the election, Congress and JD(S) formed a coalition government, with HD Kumaraswamy of JD(S) taking oath as the chief minister. Thus, despite winning the most seats, the BJP was unable to form the government in Karnataka.

Later BJP formed the government with the help of some Congress and JD(S) legislators who switched their sides.

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