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Bommai’s big statement on upcoming Karnataka Assembly election

BJP’s Lotus set to bloom in 2023 election: CM Bommai

Bengaluru: The time has come to ensure that BJP’s Lotus blooms in the 2023 Assembly elections, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.

Participating in a function to celebrate BJP’s victory in 5 states, the Chief Minister said, “our responsibility has increased. We have to work more actively to implement the welfare programmes announced in the State budget. I have already instructed the officials to prepare the files before the end of this month and get the work orders issued before the month of April. Implementation of all the programmes will be started without any delay and it is our responsibility to reach them to the common man,” Bommai said.

State tour

Bommai asked the party workers to take up publicity of the welfare programmes at booth level and help the people to avail the benefit of these programmes. “We have resolved to see the Lotus bloom and win the 2023 Assembly election by winning the hearts of the people through the public welfare programmes of our government and organisational strength of the BJP. We have taken a pledge to build a prosperous state by returning to power for the next 5 years. We will undertake a state tour with our senior leader BS Yediyurappa and central leaders to further strengthen the party in every part of the State. We are already on the job,” he said and called upon the party workers to be ready to work hard to bring BJP to power again.

Congress will sink in Karnataka

Congress has sunk in the rest of the country. it will sink in Karnataka too. Congress is fighting for survival. Congress has lost direction at the national and state level. It has lost its base all over the country. While BJP is fighting for a bright future for the country, Congress is fighting for existence. That is the difference. “BJP has won in 4 States. We will win in Gujarat in the coming days. The victory of BJP in Karnataka is as true as Sun rising in the East,” Bommai said.

Congress is offering Fridge, TV and other inducements for its party workers who enroll new members for the party in Siddaramaiah’s constituency of Badami. Congressmen are accustomed to give and take. Nothing works without that. They will grab 10 times more than what they offer now. They have reached such a sorry state, Bommai said.

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