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Bluejacking is on the rise, so limit your use of hands-free connections and turn off your blue tooth when not in use.

Hubballi: A young man, a resident of Hubballi, recently complained to cops that his phone was behaving strangely and that many messages were being delivered to his friends and family from his phone without his knowledge. He had a strong suspicion that his phone was being remotely controlled by cybercriminals.

In another case, a Hubballi-based youth who is active in social work had his WhatsApp account hacked, similar to the Facebook Messenger scam, in which the miscreants established a duplicate profile of the victim and began requesting money from his acquaintances on the friends’ list, stating an emergency.

His friends were taken aback when they received a WhatsApp message from the individual stating that he was in desperate need of money. When his friends phoned him back, he was unaware of the messages, and he quickly requested that no money be transferred.

These are only two examples of a new cyber security danger known as bluejacking. According to cybercrime investigators, everyone nowadays uses hands-free devices. While these devices are extremely convenient for the user, utilising them in public locations may allow criminals to intercept communications.

Bluejacking, which involves sending undesired texts, bluesnarfing, which involves hacking phones to make them discoverable, and bluebugging, which involves compromising a phone so that it calls the hacker, who can listen in on the discussion.

The authorities caution people that using Bluetooth in public places may pose a cybersecurity risk. When Bluetooth is on and no discovery is required, users should ensure that the device is not left in discovery mode.

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