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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

BJP’s hopes dashed as Santosh Lad wins by a margin of 14,351 votes in Kalaghatagi

Santosh Lad

Hubballi: Congress candidate Santosh Lad emerged victorious against his old friend and BJP candidate Nagaraj Chabbi in the Kalaghatagi constituency in Hubballi by a margin of 14,351 votes. Chabbi, who joined BJP after being denied a ticket by Congress, had done extensive campaigning in the constituency and had even prepared the ground a year before the election. However, despite his efforts, he was not able to secure victory. Counting was done in 17 rounds.

Santosh Lad had won the Kalaghatagi constituency in the 2013 election, but he was defeated in the 2018 election against BJP’s CM Nimbannavar. He faced allegations in the previous election that he forgot the people of his constituency and hardly stayed in the area after winning in 2013. But this time, Lad rectified his mistake and was seen in Kalaghatagi constituency.

In the counting of votes held in 17 rounds, Lad maintained the lead right from the first round. In the first round, Lad got 5,995 votes while Chabbi got 3,807. In the second round, Chabbi got a slight lead by securing 259 votes, while Lad got 227 votes. In the third round, Chabbi got 8,929 votes, while Lad got 11,553 votes. In the fourth round, Chabbi secured 5,265 votes, while Lad got 3,797. In the fifth round, Lad’s margin was reduced as he got 5,497 and Chabbi got 5,742 votes. In the sixth round, Santosh got 5,785 votes and Chabbi got only 4,325 votes.

Lad continued to maintain his lead over Chabbi in the subsequent rounds. In the eighth round, Lad got 5,274 votes while Chabbi got only 4,545 votes. In the ninth round, Lad’s lead swelled as he got 6,653 votes, and his opponent got 4,454 votes. In the next round, Chabbi got an edge as he secured 5,309 votes, while the mining baron got 4,935 votes. In the next round, Lad regained the lead by securing 5,183 votes as Nagaraj got 3,560 votes.

In the 12th round, Chabbi took a lead by securing 5,536 votes, while Lad got only 4,731 votes. In the 13th round, Lad’s margin further diminished as he got only 3,857 votes, and Chabbi got 4,236 votes.

In the 14th round, Lad once again got the edge over Chabbi as he got 5,055 votes, and Chabbi got 3,549 votes. In the 15th round, Chabbi secured a lead by obtaining 4,530 votes, and Lad got 4,163 votes. In the 16th round, Chabbi got 4,130 votes, and Lad obtained 5,671 votes. In the final round, Lad secured 1,263 votes, and Chabbi got 1,114 votes.

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