BJP’s dream of returning to power will shatter like India is shining campaign: Siddaramaiah

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah
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Hubballi: The Bharatiya Janata Party is daydreaming of returning to power, but their dream will shatter. They ran a campaign called “India is Shining” when former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee sought reelection after the completion of his tenure, but the people gave the verdict in favour of Congress. Just like that, this time also, the BJP would not return to power, said Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah.

Speaking to reporters at the airport here on Tuesday evening, Siddaramaiah said the BJP government has failed to maintain law and order in the state. Recent murders are testimony to that. The BJP has started distributing compensation to the murdered people, and in that too, they are discriminating. They gave the compensation to Harsha’s family, but they did not give it to the person murdered in Nargund and Puttur.

They gave compensation to Praveen Nettaru’s family, but they did not give the same to Fazeel and Masood. “Why are you discriminating even in this also?” Siddaramaiah asked CM Bommai. He said the government must treat everyone equally, but the Bommai failed in this as well.

The former CM will be celebrating his 75th birthday in a grand manner in Davangere tomorrow. And senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will take part in that event. Gandhi will be chairing the party’s political affairs meeting in the city, so many senior Congress leaders are descending on Hubballi.

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