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September 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

BJP sit on continuous dharna for Ganesh idol permission at Idgah


Hubballi: MLA Arvind Bellad has declared that he and his party members will stage a continuous Dharna at the HDMC Commissioner’s office, starting today. They are demanding permission to install a Ganesha idol at Idgah Maidan on behalf of Ganesha devotees. They have vowed not to withdraw until the Commissioner grants permission.

Addressing the media after discussions with the Commissioner, Bellad criticized the Siddaramaiah-led state government for its anti-Hindu stance. He claimed that the government is delaying permission for Hindu celebrations, even though it promptly grants permission for Muslim prayers at the same venue each year.

Bellad highlighted that although the Commissioner has authority over the land in question, he has not made a decision on this matter. Despite Ganesha Mandalis seeking permission a month ago and the HDMC general body passing a resolution in favor, the Commissioner has not granted permission.

He also alleged that the Commissioner appears to be influenced by the state government. Bellad stated that they would continue their Dharna until the Commissioner permits the festival. He issued a warning that they would proceed with installing the Lord’s idol on the ground regardless of the Commissioner’s decision.

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