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September 2023

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BJP MP BN Bachegowda Bids Farewell to Elections, Criticize Modi Government

BJP MP BN Bachegowda has declared his retirement from participating in future electoral politics, citing the party’s stipulation against fielding candidates above the age of 75.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the party’s underutilization of his skills. With five decades of political involvement, he feels it’s an adequate span and, although he won’t contest elections, he plans to stay actively engaged in politics.

Notably, his son Sharath belongs to the Congress and holds a seat as an MLA, while BN Bachegowda himself is aligned with the BJP. He disclosed that he won’t vie for election from the Congress party, but would divulge more details when appropriate.

Bachegowda didn’t shy away from criticizing the Narendra Modi-led government. He pointed out a shortfall in the supply of rice from the central government to the state, despite the state’s commitment to pay for the rice procured from central government stocks. On the topic of the upcoming elections, he refrained from making predictions about Prime Minister Modi’s potential re-election or the formation of a different government.

In a different light, he commended CM Siddaramaiah for his adeptness in arranging funds to ensure the successful execution of the five guarantees declared by the Congress government.

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