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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

BJP Leader TS Patil Claims Shettar Curbed Political Growth of Dr Nalwad and Koravi


Dharwad: Senior BJP leader TS Patil, who was a former member of HDMC and played a key role in building the party in the 90s along with Jagadish Shettar, has criticized the former chief minister for his recent comments against the leaders and the party that nurtured him.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, Patil strongly objected to Shettar’s claim that he was solely responsible for the growth of the party in the Hubballi Dharwad Central constituency. According to TS Patil, it was the collective effort of countless party workers that helped the BJP become strong in the region. He cited the example of several party workers, including himself, who worked tirelessly for the party when Shettar’s father, SS Shettar, was an HDMC member.

TS Patil further added that he and former HDMC member Hemaraj Bhandari worked equally with Jagadish Shettar in 1990 to strengthen the party in the district. He also mentioned the names of several party veterans, including BS Yediyurappa, KS Eshwarappa, BB Shivappa, S Mallikarjunayya, Anantkumar, Chandrakant Bellad, and Madhusa Jaratarghar, who were involved in party organization strengthening activities much before Shettar.

Patil also highlighted the many opportunities that the party had provided Shettar with over the years, including powerful posts such as the leader of the opposition in the Legislative Assembly, minister, speaker of the Legislative Assembly, and chief minister. However, instead of expressing gratitude to the party, Shettar’s recent comments showed his selfish mentality and betrayal to the organization, TS Patil said.

Shettar curbed the growth of Dr Nalawad and Koravi

According to Patil, Shettar’s selfishness also manifested in his efforts to curb the political growth of Dr Mahesh Nalwad and Rajanna Koravi, whom he had brought into the party from Congress and JD(S) with the intention of preventing any powerful leader from emerging in the opposition. Despite their potential to become MLAs, Shettar brought them to the party and hindered their growth for his personal goals, Patil charged.

Moreover, Patil alleged that Shettar did not help any other Lingayat in the party and only nourished and encouraged those who could help him achieve his selfish goals. He cited an instance where the party decided to appoint him as the chairman of HDUDA, but Shettar was adamant about giving the post to his “blue-eyed boy,” Nagesh Kalaburgi. Patil viewed this as an injustice to a fellow Lingayat.

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