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June 2023

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BJP candidate Ratna Mamani’s nomination accepted

Ratna MamaniRatna Mamani

The nomination of Ratna Mamani, a candidate from the BJP party in the Savadatti-Yallamma accepted by the election officer. The Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party had raised objections citing procedural lapses and incomplete documents submitted to the election officer.

The election officer had served notice to Ratna, asking her to report for a hearing after Congress candidate Vishwas Vaidya and AAP candidate Bapugouda Patil alleged that her nomination papers were based on an outdated model and lacked a mandatory affidavit.

In response, Ratna resubmitted her nomination papers on the last day of filing, but objections were raised again by the Congress and AAP citing a late submission time and filling all columns in the first set of papers.

What is Ratna Mamani’s Argument?

Ratna Mamani’s lawyer argued that the errors were minor and did not violate the poll code to the extent of rejecting her nomination papers. Ratna, who is the wife of the late Anand Mamani, former deputy speaker of the Karnataka Assembly, expressed gratitude for the favorable judgment and asked for the support of her constituency. She also accused her opponents of resorting to low-level conspiracies.

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