BJP Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya waits for a Congress ‘Masala Dosa,’ but police turn away the delivery boy


Bengaluru: It all started when a video of MP Tejasvi Surya eating Masala Dosa from a restaurant and explaining the food went viral, prompting people to visit the restaurant. The video was released at a time when Bengaluru was experiencing flooding in many areas.

Tejasvi Surya’s ‘Missing’ photos went viral on social media, with one caption reading, “for no reason, he will end up in congress-ruled states, but now his own state is in one of the worst stages.”

When the press questioned Tejasvi Surya about it, he said it was just a vested interest’ plot against him. The Congress party, along with a group of people with “vested interests,” are giving the false impression that Bengaluru is completely flooded. That is not correct. What do you want us to do if only 5% of the Bellandur area was flooded? This is a smear campaign against Bangalore. This is a plot to discredit our government and Bengaluru.”

There was complete normalcy in my constituency, which is why I went and celebrated Ganesha Chaturthi with people, he added.

Congress launched an anti-Tejasvi Surya campaign by sending a Masala Dosa parcel to his home via Dunzo.

“No one has defamed ‘Brand Bengaluru’ as much as @Tejasvi Surya has. He was busy eating Masala Dosa when Bengaluru was drowning and now terms his incompetence as a ‘conspiracy,'” Congress worker Srivatsa tweeted.

“Protest against @Tejasvi Surya for his irresponsibility in delivering his duties. Sent him parcel of 10 diff Dosas from Top hotels of Bengaluru. Let him have this free dosas and  not worry about marketing of hotel & work for the people of his Parliament,” Congress leader Tejesh Kumar C, who was part of the campaign, he said.

“Congress held a press conference yesterday and announced they had sent a Masala Dosa parcel to my house. It’s been more than 24 hours and I still haven’t received it. They have scammed here as well. They can’t deliver a dosa properly and they dream of delivering good governance!” Tejasvi tweeted on Sunday.

However, he did not know that the police officers stationed nearby had turned away the Dunzo delivery boy who had come close. According to local police sources, the Dunzo delivery boy arrived near Tejasvi’s house but was turned away by local cops.

“Dear @Tejasvi Surya, in fact the Dosas were sent to your office address and Acknowledgement of the same is attached for your reference. Was aware of 40% corruption in Govt, now we got to know 100% corruption in your office as someone in your office has eaten your Dosas. #Corruption,” Tejesh Kumar responded to Tejasvi’s remarks.

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