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May 2023

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Bird Strike Incident: IndiGo Aircraft Returns to Apron at Mangaluru International Airport

IndiGo dialy flight between Pune and HubballiPhoto for representation purpose only (courtesy IndiGo)

Mangaluru: An incident involving a Dubai-bound IndiGo aircraft, flight 6E 1467 from Mangaluru to Dubai, occurred earlier today. The aircraft, scheduled for departure at 8:25 am, encountered a bird strike as it entered the runway from the taxiway. The pilot promptly informed the Air Traffic Control (ATC) and safely returned to the apron by 8:30 am.

Following the incident, all 160 passengers on board were deplaned, and the aircraft was declared as “aircraft on the ground” (AOG) for a comprehensive engineering inspection. However, there was no need for panic, contrary to what was reported in a section of the media, according to sources from the Mangaluru International Airport.

Passengers were provided with alternate arrangements, as they were accommodated on another IndiGo aircraft that had arrived from Bengaluru. The rescheduled Dubai-bound flight, carrying the deplaned passengers, took off at 11:05 am, after completion of necessary checks and clearances.

Additionally, IndiGo made alternate travel arrangements for the 165 passengers who were originally scheduled to fly to Bengaluru on flight 6E 5347, which was scheduled to depart at 9:10 am.

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