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October 2023

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Bike rider allegedly abuse ISRO scientist in Bengaluru

Screen shot of the video shared by the scientist
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In a recent distressing incident involving road rage, a scientist working at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Aashish Lamba, became the target of verbal abuse while commuting to his workplace in Bengaluru.

A detailed account of the incident was shared by Aashish on Twitter. According to his narrative, while he was on his way to the ISRO office, an individual riding a scooter suddenly cut in front of his car without wearing a helmet.

This abrupt maneuver forced Aashish to quickly apply his brakes to avert a collision. In response, the scooter rider halted right in front of Aashish’s car and proceeded to unleash a barrage of verbal abuse.

Accompanied by video footage and images recorded by his car’s dashboard camera, Aashish recounted that this incident took place near the recently constructed HAL underpass on Old Airport Road in Bengaluru, specifically on August 29.

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He went on to explain that the scooter rider approached his car, berated him with harsh words, and even resorted to kicking his car’s tires out of sheer anger. In his caption, Aashish stated, Yesterday, while on my way to the ISRO office, near the newly constructed HAL underpass, an individual on a scooty (bearing license plate KA03KM8826) was recklessly weaving through traffic without a helmet, and suddenly cut in front of our car. This forced us to brake suddenly.

Subsequently, in another post, Aashish appealed for assistance, saying, The individual confronted us in our car, initiated a confrontation, and even proceeded to kick my car twice before departing. I kindly request appropriate action to be taken.


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