Bengaluru: Engineering students shout pro-Pakistan slogans, held

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Bengaluru: Three engineering students of a private college have been detained by the police after a video of them shouting “Pakistan Zindabad” went viral on social media, sources said.

The college administration suspended the students; they were later released on bail, police told a media channel. The college was preparing to host an inter-college festival on November 25-26, when some students were seen chanting the names of their favorite IPL teams and counties. And all of a sudden two of these accused started shouting slogans.

Three students, Aryan, Dinkar, and Riya, are in their first year of engineering; it is said that Aryan and Dinkar shouted the slogan, which Dinkar recorded, according to sources. The students confessed they did it for fun and had no other intentions.

Some students had allegedly beaten up Aryan and made him shout “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and “Jai Karnataka,” after they watched the viral clip, reported national news daily. The Marathahalli police have registered a case.

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