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Being a Sarkari doctor is not easy. You are always subject to criticism even if you do good work

Hubballi: It was November last year, the occasion was the inauguration of the cardiology block, a new administrative building built on the premises of Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) Hospital, the guests were Health and Family Welfare Minister and Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhkar, Large and Medium scale Industry Minister Jagdish Shettar, Union Minister Pralhad Joshi, MLA Prasad Abbayya, MLC Basavaraj Horatti they were all did not tire to praise the efforts of KIMS doctors in treating Covid patients.



At the beginning of this year, the second wave of Coronavirus started raging again. It was the KIMS doctors who once again stood between the deadly virus and the patients. The doctors, including postgraduates, resident doctors pulled out many patients from the jaws of death. But the doctors could not save the patients admitted in a very serious condition and at the last stage.

It was the media, public and others who started hailing efforts of doctors and called them ‘Corona warriors.” In the entire country, the Corona warriors received gratitude for their work. Some showered petals on them as a token of gratitude. In some places, people washed their feet as a token of love. The KIMS doctors who were on the front line received the same love and affection for their efforts in this pandemic.



The KIMS, which used to be in news for the wrong reasons most of the times, the pandemic has changed the perception of the public towards this biggest government hospital of north Karnataka. And in no time the hospital became a household name for treating the Covid patients. The PMSSY building atmosphere, quality of food and treatment provided to the patients added feather to the cap of KIMS.

But the vested interest who always tried to malign the image of the institute did not digest the name and fame earned by the KIMS, they once again have started their agenda that too when the Covid positivity rate declining steadily.


Monday was a bad day for the KIMS fraternity. A news channel had broadcast a ‘sting operation’ and using terrible language in that programme showed some doctors of the KIMS negatively and used many abusive adjectives. The programme alleged these doctors don’t work in the hospital and draw a salary for doing nothing.

The language used by the channel was so horrible that one who knows Kannada simply can’t digest such words. By targeting these doctors, the channel defamed the entire doctor’s community. Unfortunately, not a single private practising doctor in the city or in the district or in the state raised voice against such image tarnishing programme. So far the IMA not condemned such a horrible sting operation or programme, rued a doctor

This programme disappointed the KIMS doctors, staff, resident doctors and PG doctors. They hurt so much that they went for protest spontaneously. The emotions were very high, PG students were disappointed and were furious that their beloved teachers faced allegations for doing their duty sincerely.


Allegations against the doctors at KIMS are not new, many faced allegations in the past as well. But during the pandemic, almost all doctors performed their Covid duties. Without bothering about their health and family members may be infected with the deadly virus. In the pandemic, everything was going smoothly but suddenly a programme broadcasted on a channel changed the atmosphere of the hospital.

The doctors expressed doubt that the so-called sting operation’s sole motive was to show KIMS in a poor light. Some doctors suspected it was a ‘paid’ sting operation done to tarnish the image of some doctors.

Many doctors with whom the spoke said they strongly suspect that the channel people have taken the bribe from some insider to do the operation which is miles away from the truth. But the government should not take action against the doctors without a proper investigation. ‘it is not blackmail but a request’. We are doctors, for our service in this pandemic. At least we deserve an explanation and we did nothing wrong. The doctors of government hospitals becoming soft targets, a doctor said.


One doctor said how can a private TV channel people that too they claim the team was new and were from Bengaluru fix a camera inside the director’s chamber in the hospital building?. It shows that they were involved with some insider or the security at the director’s chamber is too weak or someone allowed them to fix the camera.

The doctor said that the security at the hospital gate does not allow the patients’ attendee carrying a small carry bag to pass through the gate and proper frisking done just to check that they are not carrying Gutkha or tobacco. Then these people were allowed with no frisking? the doctor questioned.


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