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Be careful before scanning QR codes for digital payments.


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Hubballi: If you use QR codes for digital payments frequently and blindly scan these codes, then this story is for you.

A 50-year old Dharwad-based businessman was cheated by cyber tricksters. He lost Rs 1.45 lakh to them. The Cyber police have registered a case in this regard and the investigation is on.

According to the police, the businessman runs a steel shop on Navalgund Road in Dharwad. The victim received an unknown call on his mobile on Friday afternoon and the caller claimed he was from the Army and was in need of steel for construction purposes. He wanted to buy steel from his shop.

The caller said that he would send a QR code on his WhatsApp and he needed to scan the code to receive the payment from him. The cheater convinced the victim that if he clicks the Payme option after scanning the code, he would receive 2% cashback for the payment he would make. The victim believed his words and scanned the QR code which the trickster sent on his WhatsApp in order to receive the payment, he clicked the payme option also, but instead of receiving the amount, the victim lost Rs 1.45 lakh, said the Cybercrime police.

The police said that they were tricksters who cheated the business. One claimed his name was Anand and the other remained unknown.

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