Basavalingeshwar Swami suicide: Police arrest 3 including a lady and Kannur Mutt Swami


Bengaluru: Ramanagar police have arrested three people in connection with the suicide of Kunchagal Bande Mutt seer Basavalingeshwara Swami, including a 21-year-old woman and a seer.

 On Sunday, Ramanagara Superintendent of Police Santosh Babu announced the arrests of Neelambike, a 21-year-old lady, Kannur Mutt seer Mruthyunjaya swamy, and Mahadevaiah, a retired teacher and practising attorney. According to police sources, Basavalingeshwara Swamy was honey trapped and afterwards blackmailed for money by Kannur Mutt seer and Mahadevaiah. Neelambike, an engineering student, is claimed to be close to Basavalingeshwara Swami.

Before becoming seers, Basavalingeshwara Swamy and Mruthyunjaya Swamy were cousin brothers. “There were several land litigations between Kannur and Kunchagal Bande Mutt, which resulted in many disputes between the seers.”

 Santosh Babu stated that the plan to exact revenge on Basavalingeshwara Swamy began in February of this year and that the video was likely shot in April while the seer was being harassed. “We still don’t know if the seer was honey-trapped. We now have three videos, ” he said.

According to a police officer, Neelambike resided in Doddaballapur and Mahadevaiah in Tumakuru. Bandemutt seer got in touch with Neelambike and they spoke on the phone. Later, Mruthyunjaya Swami and Mahadevaiah learned about it and devised a plan to entice Neelambike with money, according to a police officer.

Basavalingeshwara Swamy, 44, was discovered hanging in his room in Bandemutt, Magadi taluk, Ramanagara district, on October 24.

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