Bank employee loses Rs 3.12 lakh to cyber criminals


Hubballi: Whenever you visit a bank, they say never share your bank account information, including card number, password, and OTP, and there is a notion that bank employees never fall prey to the traps of cyber criminals, but it is wrong. Even a bank employee can get cheated by these tricksters.

According to the cybercrime police, a bank employee and resident of the Unkal area received a message on his mobile that reads “Dear Customer, Your ICICI Credit Card points worth Rs.6,850 will expire tomorrow. Kindly redeem points in cashback by clicking on” The victim clicked on the link to redeem the points, and when he clicked the link, a webpage was opened, and on that page, he filled in all the details, including his credit card number. After some time, the bank employee got seven messages of different transactions and came to know that he had lost Rs 3,12,696.

The Cybercrime police have registered a case, and an investigation is going on.

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