Ballari man offers his tongue to the late spiritual saint


Ballari: A 26-year-old man severed his tongue and presented it to a late spiritual saint in whom he had great confidence. Veeresh, a native of Uppar Hoasahalli village in Siraguppa taluk in Ballari district and a labourer by profession, has been identified.

At the Shankrappa Tatha, a spiritual saint’s mutt outside of Kuditini-Allipur hamlet, Veeresh, a father of two, gave his tongue by cutting it off. Shankrappa Tatha attained samadhi in this location, and believers believe the saint provided relief to people troubled by spirits.

According to reports, Veeresh sliced his tongue while drunk on Sunday, and relatives who learned of the occurrence arrived on the scene and transported him to the VIMS Hospital in Ballari, keeping the severed tongue in a plastic bag.

According to accounts, doctors examined him and the piece of severed tongue and determined that it was not feasible to rejoin the parts; so, following the treatment, the man was sent home.

Veeresh was claimed to be suffering from mental health concerns. And his parents frequently took him to Shankarappa Tatha’s Samadhi Mandir, claiming that he was haunted by ghosts.

He was infatuated with gods and was constantly thinking about God. On Sunday, while drunk, the man cut off his tongue with a knife. Veeresh’s father and mother expressed their displeasure with his actions. He married eight years ago and has a son and a daughter. Tekkalkote police are considering initiating a sumoto case.

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