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June 2023

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Bajrang Dal will recite ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ across the country on May 9 in protest against Congress

VHP on Congress manifestoCongress leaders during release of its manifesto in Bengaluru ( File photo for representation purpose only)

Lucknow, 07 May (HS): Bajrang Dal has announced a mass ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ recitation across the country on May 9 against the Congress. The Congress’s promise to ban Bajrang Dal in its Karnataka election manifesto has heated up politics in the country. Bajrang Dal has called this unfortunate and malicious.

Hanuman Chalisa will also be recited in the nationwide weekly meeting program on Tuesday on the call of Bajrang Dal’s National Convenor Neeraj Dauneria. The units of all the provinces of the country have been informed about this. Convenor of Awadh province Mahesh Tiwari has said that on May 9, Hanuman Chalisa will be recited in the temples of all districts, major centers of metropolitan cities, blocks, and towns.

Vishva Hindu Parishad Eastern Uttar Pradesh Area Organization Minister Gajendra Singh has said that Bajrang Dal is an organization of disciplined Hindu youth. If a ban is imposed on it, Congress will be hit brick by brick.

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