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September 2023

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Bagalkot Hindu Activist Submits Memorandum Seeking Action Against Prakash Raj Over Chandrayaan-3 Remarks

Prakash Raj
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Bagalkot: A leader from the Hindu organization in Bagalkot has submitted a memorandum seeking action against actor Prakash Raj, alleging that he mocked Chandrayaan-3. The leader handed over the memorandum to the local police, as confirmed by police sources.

In a conversation with hubliexpress, police officials stated that a memorandum was exclusively submitted to the Banahatti Police requesting action against the prominent southern actor. However, no First Information Report (FIR) or formal case has been registered against him at the Banahatti station thus far.

On Sunday, the actor took to Twitter to share a cartoon portraying a man in a shirt and lungi pouring tea. Accompanying the image, he wrote, “First view just arrived from Chandrayaan… #VikramLander #justasking.”

Prakash Raj has been facing substantial criticism recently, with numerous individuals asserting that the success of the Chandrayaan-3 mission is closely intertwined with the honor and prestige of the nation.

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Responding to the social media outrage, Prakash Raj clarified on Twitter that his comments were intended solely as a joke. He posted, “Hate sees only Hate… I was referring to a joke from the #Armstrong era celebrating our Kerala Chaiwala – which version of the Chaiwala did the trolls perceive? If you fail to comprehend a joke, then the humor is lost on you… GROW UP #justasking.”

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