Back from Amsterdam trip, couple finds dead body of burglar at home


A Bengaluru couple who had returned from a trip to Amsterdam discovered a dead body in their house’s puja room, police said on Sunday. Officers then identified the deceased intruder as a suspect in many house theft cases. They believe he spent many hours at the residence after breaking in before killing himself.

The deceased has been identified as Dilip Kumar, an Assamese native who lived in Kodihalli. According to investigators, the incident occurred at the home of Sridhar Sumanth Roy, an IT professional, in Indiranagar’s Eshwara Layout. According to DCP (West) Bheemashankar S Guled, an investigation is ongoing to understand why the deceased committed suicide in the puja room.

According to CCTV evidence, the deceased broke into the property on Wednesday night, ate from the kitchen, had a shower, and slept in the bedroom before committing suicide, according to authorities.

Sridhar and his wife returned from Amsterdam on Thursday night and were unable to unlock the door, according to police. The couple quickly phoned the key makers, but they, too, had to break the door open when they realised it was locked from the inside.

According to the police, when the couple entered the residence, they discovered that it had been ransacked and that the pooja room had been shut from the inside. Peeping in, they discovered a man who looked to have committed suicide. Sridhar instantly notified the police and a private agency’s security officers.

According to CCTV video, Dilip broke open the door and entered the residence at 10.30 p.m. on Wednesday. He was carrying a gas cutter, a set of clothing, and other gear for breaking into the residence. He ate snacks from the kitchen, showered, and changed into a fresh pair of clothes he had brought with him before sleeping in the bedroom.

According to an officer involved in the case, Dilip might have committed suicide for unclear reasons. They haven’t ruled out the likelihood that he took the drastic measure in fear after Sridhar and his wife arrived at the residence.

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