Asia Cup: Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Ramiz Raja Threatens BCCI


Ramiz Raja, the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board and an outspoken critic of the BCCI, has threatened the Indian Cricket Board once more, saying that if Pakistan’s hosting rights for the Asia Cup next year are taken away from them due to India’s refusal to visit, the Pakistani team may completely withdraw from the competition.

Ramiz stated on the sidelines of the present Pakistan-England Test in Rawalpindi, “It’s not like we don’t have hosting rights and we’re appealing to host it. “The rights were gained by us legitimately. They won’t come if India doesn’t. Perhaps we’ll withdraw if Pakistan is denied hosting the Asia Cup.”

Shah, who is also the head of the Asian Cricket Council, delivered the shock in October, announcing that the Indian squad wouldn’t be going to Pakistan for the Asia Cup and that the competition will be held at a neutral location. In retaliation, the PCB issued a statement expressing its intention to skip the ODI World Cup, which will be held in India next year, if necessary. In a previous interview, Ramiz had also reaffirmed his sentiments.

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