Aruna Laxmi, Reddy’s wife, will contest from Ballari against her brother-in-law

Aruna Laxmi with his husband Janaradhana Reddy and daughter Brahmini

Ballari: The founder of Kalyan Rajya Pragati Paksha, G. Janaradhana Reddy, has announced that his wife, Aruna Laxmi, will contest the next assembly election from Ballari.

If she contests, she would face her brother-in-law, G. Somashekhar Reddy, in the election. Aruna Laxmi unveiled KRPP’s logo and flag in Benakallu village near Ballari.

Aruna Laxmi hinted at a political career by lavishly celebrating her husband’s birthday in his absence.She recently convened a meeting of various party leaders in the city and invited them to her party.

According to party sources, Aruna Laxmi and her daughter Brahmini will jointly launch the door-to-door campaign.

Speaking to reporters, MLA Somashekhar Reddy said that in a democracy, anyone can contest for any seat. “I run for the BJP regardless of who the opposition candidate is.” “Voters will bless a good candidate,” he said.

It is also said that KRRP may change the candidate from the Ballari constituency.



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