Angry Congress workers force open Nalavadi toll barriers.

Congress protest against toll

Hubballi: Concerned about toll fees being levied from local motorists, Congress party workers, and Annigeri residents forced the Nalavadi toll barriers on the Ankola-Gutti Highway open for an hour on Tuesday.

MLA Srinivas Mane, former Navalgund MLA NH Konaraddi, and Dharwad district rural Youth Congress president Vinod Asuti led the protest.

Bhadrapur, Annigeri, and a few other villages assembled at the toll plaza and forced all lanes open as a mark of protest. The villagers and residents of Annigeri demand that they be spared from paying the toll because they live within a 15-kilometer radius of the toll.

MLA Srinivas Mane criticised the toll for being set in an illogical manner. It should be fixed right away. Because of the excessive toll, the buses have raised the fare, such that travelling between Hubballi and Gadag now costs Rs 20 extra, he added.

He stated that if the toll is not revised and no exemptions are provided for residents, they will go without paying it. They will not halt traffic the next time. Stopping traffic and organising protests would be ineffective. Instead, locals should go without paying any tolls, and only then will they provide the exemption and modify the price, according to Mane.

Vinod Asuti, the Congress leader, claimed that the toll price was set arbitrarily. If a nearby villager’s car travels through this plaza, they must pay Rs 115 for one-way travel and Rs 175 for round-trip travel, which is simply illogical.

People from Annigeri, Nalavadi, Bhadrapur, and other villages frequently travel to Hubballi and Dharwad, and they simply cannot tolerate paying such a high toll. As a result, he urged that the toll be waived for locals, warning that failure to do so would intensify the agitation.

Former MLA NH Konaraddi, Annigeri Block Congress president Manjunath Mayannavar, Muttu Dayavanur, Vijay Rajput, and others were in attendance.

The agitators shut down the roadway for approximately an hour, making it difficult for travellers to get to their destinations.


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