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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Ananth Prerana Kendra Inaugurated in Hubballi to Promote Late Ananth Kumar’s Ideals

Ananth Prerana KendraAnanth Kumar's friends who were jailed during the Emergency were also honored during Ananth Prerana Kendra in Hubballi on Sunday

Hubballi: On Sunday, Dr. Vijay Sankeshwar, Chairman of VRL Group of Companies, inaugurated Anant Prerana Kendra in Hubballi, with the aim of introducing the ideals of late Union Minister, Ananth Kumar, to the younger generation. Sankeshwar praised Ananth Kumar for his hard work and his role in building the BJP in the state, along with BS Yeddyurappa. He also reminisced about his close association with Ananth Kumar since 1989.

Basavaraj Horatti, Chairman of Karnataka Legislative Council, spoke about Ananth Kumar’s support in the development of Lamington school where he studied, and how he addressed him as “Guru”. Seva Bharati Secretary, Raghu Akmanchi, suggested that schools and colleges in Hubballi-Dharwad arrange visits to Anant Prerana Kendra to motivate students to enter politics.

During the inauguration, Ananth Kumar’s friends who were jailed during the Emergency were also honored. The event was attended by Su. Ramanna, RSS campaign chief, Prof. P.V. Krishna Bhat, President of Ananth Kumar Foundation, Tejaswini Ananth Kumar, President of Adamya Chetana, Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri, and others.

Furthermore, Sankeshwar suggested that the BJP office being constructed at Aravind Nagar in Hubballi should be named after the late H N Ananth Kumar as “Anant Bhawan”.

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