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An erroneous adventure: Six youths survived a harrowing night in the midst of the jungle amid torrential rain.

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Six Hubballi youths who went missing while exploring the forest in Uttar Kannada district to view Shirle Falls were found safe and rescued by forest department officers and police.

In their mid-20s from Hubballi’s Navanagar area, six youths rode their Dio motorcycles to Shirle Falls on Thursday. They allegedly entered the forest to view Shirle Falls after arguing with forest staff who were on duty to warn tourists and prevent them from entering the area.

The staff warned them not to enter the area it was raining cats and dogs and the weather was not conducive to visit the falls, which are deep within the forest, and cautioned that they could get in trouble. However, despite the forest department’s warnings, these young people entered the jungle and began walking to the falls, one of the officers told.

According to the forest officials, one must cross a stream to get to the falls, but owing to the torrential rain, the stream was in spate, and the wooden long rope bridge used by locals to cross the stream was carried away by the powerful surge of water.

The officers informed that the youngsters took a different path to the falls, but they got confused and began roaming in the jungle. They arrived at a home in the middle of the night, fully soaked and shivering. Given their predicament, the house owner gave them refuge. The house owner notified the forest department and police that six youngsters were in his home in the morning.

Meanwhile, the search party arrived at the residence, and they were looking for these young people. They were taken to the Yallapur police station and are still there, according to the official.

The parents of the youths arrived at the scene early in the morning, and the police were expected to take legal action against the youths for entering the forest.

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